Teach lesson to your enemy by the power of Islam

Teach lesson to your enemy by the power of Islam

you to cope with then you have not to lose hope as you have something in your life that will give you great life. Now you need to understand that you have got enemy from him or her you need to get over them otherwise you will not ever get back your peace. It is not time to tolerate the bad phase given by your enemy instead it is the time to teach lesson to your enemy by the power of Islam.

The love bonding that you have with your parents, wife, husband, children and more similarly you have hate bonding with your enemy. If you have immense hatred for your enemy then you should not wait longer to tolerate your enemy’s bad time that he or she has given to you from which you have experienced many times. So you should not wait for any bad circumstances as you should have power to get over your bad things of life. Your enemy is not going to be your friend and you will not come with this hope that you want to make your enemy friend.

Completely Destroy your enemy by islam power

You want to express your life to someone where you will feel goodness only and no world of enemy and fights. Your deeds has always been fair with everyone and you cannot think of hurting other even to your enemy you think twice to hurt but when you are helpless and you feel that you should go for taking some measure step to stop your enemy to torture you. You need to teach lesson to your enemy by the power of Islam. Islam power will teach lesson to your enemy that to innocent people they should not hurt and take their own side.

Islamic power to Destroy Enemy

It is sin to give pain to someone and you will get over the problem and your pain in the form of enemy will get the lesson as the way you want to. The power of Islam is not about controlling someone and it is not about taking revenge. It is one bitter truth that you cannot deny that when your enemy is torturing you simultaneously then it means you need to have solid defense for yourself that not anyone will come to disturb you.

Teaching lesson to your enemy by the power of Islam is amazing and it will give you expected result so that your life would be great and at the safest place. This will be emerging as a solution that will always protect you from every hurdle that is super unwanted for you. When you have nothing but the purity of life and no enemy would be hereto give you tough phase that you cannot tolerate then you feel great.

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